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Our chef

Gerard Bellver

Gerard Bellver identifies himself as “a person who really enjoys eating”.

Since he was a child, he savored the culinary creations of his mother, who, at the same time, introduced him in the preparation of different Spanish dishes.

At the age of 12, Gerard and his family moved to Mexico, a country where he found a fascination for Mexican cuisine, especially in the street food. Since then he decided to dedicate his life to the gastronomy.

Once he completed his high school studies, Gerard began his professional internship at Tezka del Sur, at Pedregal; along the way, he met chefs Mikel Alonso and Bruno Oteiza, who opened the doors for him to cook at the Spanish embassy in Mexico.

In addition, Bellver worked at elBulli, by the Catalan chef Ferran Adrià. Distinguished with three stars in the Michelin Guide, this restaurant was also considered the best restaurant in the world in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 by the world-renowned The World's 50 Best S. Pellegrino. He also worked for a period at the award-winning Arzak restaurant in San Sebastián, Spain, one of the best in the world.

In both places, Bellver learned firsthand new cooking techniques to create unique proposals that, since his return to Mexico, he transfers to each of his projects.

At 2006, the chef of Spanish origin was again contacted by Mikel Alonso and Bruno Otezia, who offered him to work at Biko, a famous restaurant in which he participated for more than 10 years.

Alongside this talented team of chefs, Gerard Bellver has also directed important Spanish cuisine gastronomic projects, such as the Biko, KO.MA and Lur restaurants.

At the end of 2020, Gerard Bellver decides to say goodbye to Grupo Biko and look for new horizons to continue growing. This is how he is integrated into the kitchen of Blanco’s restaurants, of Grupo Carolo, where now offers crossbreed flavors that fuse European cuisine with Mexican.

"My intention is to include great dishes of European gastronomy, but seen through a Mexican prism," says the chef. "I would love for Los Blancos to be recognized as great restaurants with a creative gastronomic proposal”.

While the Blanco Castelar and Blanco Colima menus continue with iconic dishes such as suckling pig tacos, other interesting options have been added such as tuna toast with ancho chili ponzu; the sea bass with esquites treated like risotto, and the Short rib with chipotle an piloncillo sauce.

Cesar de la Parra.jpg

Executive Chef Carolo Group

Cesar de la Parra

César de la Parra has worked on multiply culinary projects. His first approach to the kitchens was in Aud Pied de Cochon, in the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel. He also prepared some dishes at the Denomination of Origin restaurant, in Masaryk, and he went through the Estoril kitchen, in Santa Fe.

His desire to learn took him to Spain, where he learned new gastronomic techniques from distinguished chefs such as Martín Berasategui, Andoni Luis Aduriz and Juan Mari Arzak. Finally, the result of his work materialized in Grupo Carolo, a restaurant group where he works as executive chef, at the head of 13 gourmet brands.

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